"...At last she spoke her heart and her words were written in color..."

This is the story of Suha Khalil a girl with Down Syndrome from Sudan, who after a long struggle she and her family trying to get her into doing what she "should do" found her way into what she "wants to do".

She found her way to Arts, to Painting. She used to paint now and then since she was a child but not much attention was paid to what she drew and it was considered gibberish since all the focus was to get her into a normal stream of school education so that she can become something or do something in life according to the general perspective over there. Unfortunately these trials failed since education and facilities for Down Syndrome children are really limited in Sudan like many other counties in Africa.

The family kept trying and pushing starting with special institutes to home schooling to normal schools but every time the results were disappointing and discouraging. It was until the end of 2008 that they decided to try again with something else, with painting but seriously this time. Being inspired by the successful experience of a painting school started at Mexico especially for people with Down Syndrome they started sending her to take some painting lessons at a Gallery with an artist who had a single similar experience before but still was not specialized and trained enough for this kind of education.

To the amazement of everyone the results were really promising and in a very short time she started picking up very quickly and started producing heavily. It's like her passion for painting together with her feelings and expressions have been captive inside her for such a long time that she decided it was now time, it was time to break free and soar. She started pouring her long longed for talent and freeing her imprisoned thoughts onto paper and canvas. At last she spoke her heart and her words were written in color. Only a couple of months later on March 2009, her work was presented in two art exhibitions held in Khartoum Sudan which was received with a very big welcome and appreciation from the different sectors, artistic, educational and special needs. This is her website and this is her story that she likes to share with everyone.


A story as simple as a shining rainbow, as a free bird, as a blue sky, as a warm sun, as a full moon, as clear flowing water, as a tender tree, as a twinkling star, and as clean air but as bright, colorful, and meaningful as them all…

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Music "Simplicity" Bradley Kirkpatrick from the album " A walk in the park"